Saturday, September 19, 2009

Buxyou Problems has been down for a couple of weeks now. There were technical problems in the inside and since then, until now, nothing was heard from them. Although, with these problems, I'm not yet considering them as a SCAM SITE. However, I am giving them 60 days to be up again, before I would consider them as SCAM. Although, I was one of the people who invested there.

BTW, i'm not yet sorry for myself.. :lol:

I will keep track of this. So, if you are one of the members there, please help me keep an eye on them or stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buxyou - How to Register

If you are interested about joining Buxyou, you can have this guide to register or to create an account in Buxyou for free. You might find this useful, to ease your registration with Buxyou. There are just a few and easy steps to follow, and you're ready to earn in Buxyou. This eBook is highly visualized to best elaborate points.

Click image to view the actual size.


After clicking REGISTER button(s), you will now be registering by supplying important and personal details.. (more..)

After you have supplied this registration form with the correct and final details of you, it is recommended to read the Terms and Conditions first before even check the check box foe agreeing with the T.O.S. Then, click the REGISTER ACCOUNT button (it is the white-colored button at the bottom of the web page). You then view your email (the one you have supplied in the registration form). A message will be sent to your email to verify your email address which contains your important details in Buxyou.. (more..)

  • file name :
  • file size : 1.50 mb
  • file format : pdf

Download it HERE.

NOTE: There are some errors in the download link. It will be available soon.